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Who we are?

At Mindgram, we're on a mission to improve people's lives. We help employees and companies build strength, resilience and psychological balance. Our vision is to democratize mental well-being through tech and science. In order to implement that, we use the latest technologies, including enabling AI, and proven evidence-based psychological methods. We believe that mentally strong people and companies can achieve anything they dream about.

Your journey starts here

Every role, from developers to operations managers, plays a crucial part in enhancing our vision of supporting employees worldwide and you don't have to be a psychologist to make a contribution to mental health!

Mindgram Values

We Lay the Foundations

From the first days of Mindgram, we wanted to create a real impact and serve hundreds of thousands of people. We Lay the Foundations is about constructing the groundwork and processes essential for Mindgram’s future scaling. The number of customers and users will keep growing and laying a strong foundation will help us scale efficiently.

We Deliver Impact

At Mindgram, we're on a mission to improve people's lives – that's our commitment, and that's what we deliver. We make sure our promises to clients translate into meaningful impact for users and companies alike. At the same time, our commitment to high standards and quality sets the bar high. We, as individuals, are all impactful contributors to the ultimate goal.

We Are Inspired By Data

By actively listening to our customers and users, we ensure that our decisions genuinely reflect their needs, driving meaningful improvements in people’s lives. In our rapidly evolving industry, staying ahead requires a keen awareness of our competition's moves, new discoveries, and trends. That's why we commit to accurate data input, a deep understanding of data within our field, and staying tuned to market dynamics.

We Reject the Wrong Battles

Our team’s time and intellectual capabilities are our crucial assets – we should all be cautious and smart about how we invest them. Rejecting the wrong battles means choosing the right task to spend our effort on. It directs our focus toward choosing projects and “battles” aligned with our strategic goals. Simultaneously, it’s about the courage to refrain from projects and activities that don't make a substantial impact.

We Win with Teamwork

Building relationships outside our teams, reaching out to discuss, explain or exchange feedback, and initiating cross-team collaborations - this is us now. We appreciate each other directly and we praise extraordinary publicly - to acknowledge that someone acts according to our values, to motivate others, and to support behaviors we all need to adapt. The success of scaling startups lies in the collective efforts as a team, where we can consistently multiply our outcomes while the individual contribution is always acknowledged.

We Dare!

We Dare has been the main ingredient of Mindgram’s recipe from day one. This collective bravery helps us achieve ambitious milestones that shape our identity. Today, this value has two dimensions. Firstly, it means making bold decisions and actions, going beyond the usual and known. Secondly, it is the courage in communication – being transparent, honest, and fair, and questioning the status quo. We refuse to sugarcoat but dare to handle problems, conflicts, and different opinions inside and outside our teams. Embracing challenges is our mindset.

How we hire

Getting to know you

Ready to take the first step with Mindgram? Spend 30 minutes with our Talent Partner sharing your story and learning about potential roles. Ask questions, get informed, and let our Talent Partner guide you through the next stages of our recruitment process!

Leader's Interview

Dive deeper into your potential role with a one-on-one session with your future leader. Expect insightful questions about your expertise and collaboration skills. It's also your chance to learn more about the role and team dynamics firsthand.

Show us your skills*

Put your skills to the test with a hands-on task tailored to your potential role. Whether it's a presentation, language evaluation, or coding assignment, we want to see your practical insight in action. *Please note, this stage is part of selected recruitment processes and may not be included in all cases.

Final chat

You've made it to the ultimate stage! Get set for a last conversation with one of our Executive Team members or your future team colleagues. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression as we near the final decision.

Have you ever reference-checked your employer?

Now you can do it! How about having a chat with a few of our team members before you accept our offer?

You choose.

Tired of being ghosted?

Same here! We commit to delivering feedback to every candidate that we have a chance to get to know better during the meeting.

This is our standard.


Flexible hours

Seize the flexibility of personalized work hours – your schedule, your success!

Unlimited PTO

Embrace the unlimited vacation days – because everyone deserves a break!

Sport card

Enjoy fully covered access to sport and wellbeing facilities. Sound body, sound mind!

Medical insurance

Full medical insurance, because, again - a healthy body leads to a healthy mind :)

Mental resilience

Unlimited access to the Mindgram App, with an added seat for someone special!

Open positions

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